Durodoor 81*40

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Durodoor 81*40

Size- 81″ x 40″

Durodoor Flush Door ( https://inoday.in/product-category/flush-doors-30mm/duro-doors/ )

Keeps You Safe
With 100% Lifetime Guarantee
DURODOOR – Flush Doors are manufactured from specifically selected & well seasoned hardwood timber. The solid blockboard core is framed with seasoned hardwood battens and strengthened by a layer of cross-bands. Face veneers encompass both sides of the core. All these are bonded at high pressure and temperature, with phenol formaldehyde resin and permanent type preservatives, under the cross-bonding process.

Conforms to IS: 2202 (Part-1) – 1999

Key points of Durodoor Flush Door
DURODOOR – Flush Doors are dimensionally stable, durable, totally resistant to termites and borers and are 100% boiling water proof.

Hardwood core veneers of full width, dimensions and thickness.

Completely made from perfectly seasoned and chemically treated prime quality Hardwood timber.

Manufactured under strict quality control thereby meeting high level of perfection in specified tests like glue adhesion, knife, flexure, edge loading, impact resistance, screw withdrawal holding.

Hot pressed with extra thick ‘A’ Quality face veneers.


DURODOOR Flush doors are used for bed room, drawing room, bath room, modular kitchen etc.


There Are Other Sizes Of Duro Doors Available (https://inoday.in/product-category/flush-doors-30mm/duro-doors/

Why Buy Durodoor 81*40 Here?


  • Assured Quality
  • Authorised Dealer
  • Quick Delivery
  • Choose your Mode Of Payment
  • EMI Available
  • Can Contact On 8407066444 For Special Size Will Make It Available In Less Then 40 Days
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  • Can Select Laminates In Just A Click
  • 30 mm  Secured Doors
  • Heavy And Strong
  • Unbreakable
  • Termite Resistant
  • Borer Resistant
  • Waterproof Product
  • BWP
  • Guarantee Certificate At Time Of Delivery
  • Top Quality Product Of Sarda Plywood Industries
  • History Of 60 Years
  • History Of Assurance
  • Old But Latest Technology
  • One Time Investment
  • 100% Waterproff
  • Conforms to IS: 2202 (Part-1) – 1999
  • Product Of Oldest Plywood Industry
  • Durability Guaranted





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