Offline Shopping: Reasons You Should Not Be Using Offline Shopping for your Needs.

Offline Shopping: Reasons You Should Not Be Using Offline Shopping for your Needs.

Is “OFFLINE SHOPPING “what you prefer? You might want to rethink it. While it may feel like the most reliable source to buy products offline, there are several disadvantages that make shopping no less than a horror story.


  1. Sorry! Bank Holiday

If you want to purchase products offline on a Sunday or a bank holiday, then probably won’t be able to buy. This could cost you’re a delay.

2.Adding a Beneficiary

If you wants to send money, then you  would have to ideally wait for 30 minutes to 24 hours (depending on the bank) to link your account and transfer the money. That’s a lot of effort for the customer.

3.Oops! Wrong Account Number

There have been several instances where money has been transferred to a wrong account because the payer entered a single wrong digit. The process to retrieve the money is long, tedious and expensive. In some cases, the money is irrecoverable, specially if the payee has withdrawn the money from the account.

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Why Inoday?

Inoday essentially solves each of the above problems.Customers can pay any time and don’t have to wait to add their account. We don’t need to share our account number either. Just ask for a customized payment link and you can pay via Debit/Credit card, wallets, net banking or even UPI.Once the payment is done, a receipt/notification is sent to you. Our notification has the name, phone number and email of the payer. You can also track these in your on our website or instamojo dashboard and filter them by date, amount etc.

With INODAY.IN your payments are safe. There is no chance your money can go amiss.  Also, if you have issues with a transaction, you can always reach out to support and see disputed transactions on your dashboard.

We also help reconcile and capture failed payments to make sure your customer doesn’t worry about failed payments and you get paid out in due time.

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